The Cabinet Refacing Process:
A Facelift for your Kitchen

For many of our customers, a complete overhaul of their kitchen is not in the cards. Some are quite fond of their kitchen's layout and only wish to update the look and feel of their space. Others are simply trying to stay within a certain budget and get the most bang for their buck.

For both of these situations, cabinet resurfacing, is an excellent option. This particular method of updating the look of your kitchen will not only save you money, but it will also save you a considerable amount of time and remodeling mess. In fact, most kitchen cabinet refacing projects can be done with half the cost of new cabinets and in a fraction of the downtime.

Cabinet refacing is also a very attractive option to those homeowners who are environmentally conscious.

How Does it Work?

It really depends on your goals and the type of material that you have. In most every case though, refacing involves the installation of new coverings, moldings, and hardware to the exterior surfaces. At times, replacement doors and drawer fronts are chosen to complete the new look.

If however you have quality hardwoods and it is in overall good shape, there is the option of stripping and refinishing them with a new paint or stain. Different wood species, as well as grades, produce varying results. If you feel that your cabinets are a possible candidate for refinishing, ask your remodeling consultant for advice as to what options are available to you.

Can They Be Refaced?

In most all cases, the answer is yes. If your current cabinets are structurally sound and in good working order, cosmetic refacing can be done.

What if I Want/Need More Storage Space?

That's easy. We can simply add additional storage to the kitchen that will match the updated look of your refaced ones. Our team of designers will work with you hand in hand to achieve both the look and functionality that you are desiring.

All in all, resurfacing is a cost-effective, time-efficient, and environmentally responsible way of changing the look and feel of your current kitchen. The results are quite striking and always achieve the desired goals. Do not just choose just any contractor. The market is filled with inexperienced,

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