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Top 5 Kitchens in San Diego

San Diego is an amazing city, and it is home to some of the absolute best kitchens in the world. We’re kind of geeks for
kitchens, so we’ve compiled the best that San Diego has to offer.

Castle Kitchen

If a man’s home is his castle, this kitchen design takes that pretty literally. Stepping into this kitchen will take you away from San Diego and into a magical time machine. It is a stunning combination of elegance and rustic with the stone arches and exposed wooden beams in the ceiling, mixed with the waterfall counters and stainless steel appliances. The combinations of lights give it a nice medieval appeal while holding onto all the beautiful and wonderful modern appliances that make a kitchen functional.

Sparkling White

Rarely does the combination of white, on white, on white, work as well as it does in this kitchen. The dark floors really make the shine come out of the white. The small subway tile backsplash that’s continued all along the wall are the perfect size to give just a little bit of visual interest. The large apron sink is an industrial but sophisticated twist that fits just perfectly in a downtown San Diego home.
But what really makes this kitchen, what makes it sing, is the glass fronted cabinets. It gives the kitchen the depth that it would be lacking with more color. It just sparkles.

Modern Grayscale

Usually when you think of gray, the word “Drab” comes to mind. This kitchen proves that theory wrong. The light floors and giant windows letting in so much natural light turn the so called drab brown into a fabulous modern kitchen. The molding on the island and the bright white countertops add to giving this space more light. This is a kitchen made to impress and designed to entertain. Plus, the functionality of the sink and dishwasher being on the island just can’t be beat. Well…maybe by the intensity of the oversized built in fridge.

“Chef’s Kitchen”

This kitchen takes the idea of the “chef’s kitchen” to the next level. This is a home kitchen that could easily feed a dozen people in one sitting. The oversized marble island is only the centerpiece of this kitchen because it is so big. The light fixtures and glass cabinet details give this kitchen the homey feel it needs to keep this from being too commercial. The double wall mounted ovens are a boon to any baker, and the expansive countertop of the marble is perfect for entertaining while you cook.

Rustic Charm

Rustic is a phrase that can mean anything from “dilapidated with a fancy word” to this masterpiece of a kitchen. The reclaimed wood and old style cabinets that frame this timeless kitchen design. It’s got the wonderful modern amenities, but it keeps the warmth that any good kitchen has. It may seem a bit out of place in a city like San Diego, but comforting style has no limits on locations.