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How far will your renovation
budget go in San Diego?

When you’re considering remodeling your kitchen you’ll need to settle on a budget first. If you go in and start ripping out all your cabinets and then find out you don’t have the money to replace them…Disaster in the making. Everyone’s budget is different when they’re remodeling their kitchen.

That said last year people spent on average $21,000 in their remodels, though the range ran between $5,000 and $50,000. Even if your budget is on the DIY side it’s possible to have a sparkling and enjoyable kitchen. It’s all just a matter of knowing your budget, and what your budget can get you.

Smaller Budgets

A budget between $5,000 and $10,000 won’t go for a full gut of your current kitchen, so you’ll be doing more of a “freshen it up” sort of renovation. It is however, the ideal budget for a DIY expert and for working in your downtown San Diego condo and in smaller kitchens. You won’t be able to get marble countertops, new appliances, or remove walls, but there are several things you can do.

  • Paint walls and ceiling
  • Re-finish your cabinets
  • Get new hardware
  • Spruce up your backsplash
  • Change out your light fixtures
  • Put in a laminate floor or refinish your hardwood
  • Get your electric up to code
  • Replacing your countertops with lower end materials like laminate
  • Change your faucet to something more stylish and functional
  • Use sticky tiles to update backsplash

Aside from the electric work, a $5,000 budget can be stretched with a lot of DIY work. You don’t need to hire professionals to paint; sticky tile is a perfect DIY project. And even a laminate floor can be installed on your own. Most other things you’ll need to hire a San Diego based contractor for.

Big Budgets

Even if you’re going into your renovations with a “blank check” sort of mentality, it’s important to keep track of what you’re spending and where it’s going. These kinds of budgets are best reserved for larger or beach homes in San Diego, rather than spent in your condo. A budget that goes up to $50,000 is going to let you upgrade just about everything with the help of your San Diego based contractor. Minimal DIY required.

You can remodel things like:

  • New countertops in high end materials like stone and metal
  • High end and high efficiency lighting
  • New cabinets, from standard all the way up to custom
  • Upgraded appliances that are rated for efficiency
  • New windows and ceilings
  • Turn your drab kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.

Whether your budget stays in the DIY range or goes all the way up to blank check, take the time to consider where your priorities lie in your kitchen remodel. Contact a contractor and let them help you come up with a dedicated plan. Make sure too that you’ve got a contingency built into your budget in case there are any hiccups along the way. Best case scenario, nothing goes wrong and you have extra money at the end to get even higher end finishes, but if something does go wrong you’ll be glad for the extra cash.