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Best Beach Kitchens of San Diego

One of the best things about San Diego is how close we are to the ocean. When you live in San Diego you’re never more than a stone throw away from some perfect surfing, sailing, or swimming. There are beaches and bays and all manner of retreats and relaxations. The best place to find all this is at the beach, and where there’s a beach, there’s beach front property. Beach front property in San Diego is at a premium, and when people get it, they do some pretty amazing things with their kitchens.

Bringing the beach in

Bring the beach in, but leave the sand out please.

Nothing says “Beach” like reclaimed wood style bar stools and that great foamy blue colored backsplash. This kitchen is a stunning combination of modern functionality and sophistication mixed with the casual culture that you acquire by living so close to a San Diego beach.

The clever detail of the shell with the baubles in it is a great centerpiece for all year round. It would be easy to get carried away with beach and nautically themed decorations, but it’s so understated that it fits perfectly in the home.

Open to the Breeze

This kitchen is perfect for the beach addicted. Not only is the view absolutely perfect, but it brings the beach into the heart of the home—the kitchen. The only downside to this stunning kitchen set up is the notion that there might be bugs trying to get in. The inside of this kitchen is just as stunning as the view, it continues the solid white motif with a white backsplash and countertops, but with a nice dark tile floor that keeps the sand from getting too out of control. It may be in San Diego, but the owners live in their own private little oasis: Paradise beyond the black top.

Big bright windows

When you live this close to the beach, you had better be making the best of your view. This kitchen is a bit more compact, but they maximized on every square inch of space to make sure the windows could become the main focal point of this home. The gorgeous San Diego coastline is the perfect echo to the rustic style cabinets and wooden floors.
The candle style lights in the dropped fixtures bring in a soft romantic feeling in the evenings, a perfect mixture for this classic design and stunning view.

The Entertainers Paradise

This kitchen was designed to maximize everything in all the right areas. There is no compromise made to that stunning view, to seating with the adjacent dining area, workspace, storage space, natural lighting is in abundance. This kitchen would be stunning even without the view; the smart storage and fabulous countertops are perfect in their own right. But pairing it with that view and smart design choices creates the perfect kitchen oasis. Seriously, if this kitchen was a person, I’d ask it to marry me and we’d have dinner parties every night.